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Model letters

Model letters

Request for split payment of estate taxes

Fiscal rights

Your contact details

Contact details of the tax office of the deceased
In ... (place), on ... (date),

Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

Subject: Request for split payment of inheritance tax

Dear Madam or Sir

In my capacity as heir following the death of Mr ... (indicate the name and the relationship you had with the deceased), I would like to ask you to pay the inheritance tax.

I am liable for a sum of ... €.
Because of ... (specify your situation), I am currently unable to pay this amount in full.

I would therefore like to be able to benefit from the split payment of these duties.
The split payment can be spread out as follows:
... payments of ... € as soon as the declaration of inheritance is filed and the remaining ... payments, payable at regular intervals of ... months.

I look forward to receiving your reply.